All classes are lead by one or more of our qualified adult black belt instructors

O-Sensei (Head Instructor) David Grabb

Sensei Grabb


  • Slocki-ryu Black Yon-dan (4th degree)
  • Shotokan Black Yon-dan (4th degree)

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David started training at the age of 35 after his son Alex joined Superkids Karate. He has competed at several competitions, notably winning bronze in kumite at the Canadian National Championships and finishing top 8 in kumite at the World Karate Organization Championships. With over 15 years teaching experience, his greatest passion is to lead and coach others to become the best persons they can be!

Favourite Quote:

"Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit softly."

Theodore Roosevelt

Sensei Doug Diehl

Sensei Doug Diehl

Rank: Slocki-ryu Black Ni-dan (2nd degree)

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Doug started training at Superkids when his 2 youngest sons were students. Together they were determined...

Sensei Sami Haj-Assaad

Sensei Sami Haj-Assaad

Rank: Slocki-ryu Black and Shotokan Black Ni-dan (2nd degree)

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Sami began training in martial arts at Superkids Karate in an effort to see just how much energy he has on tap.

Sensei Les Hajagos

Sensei Hajagos_Les

Rank: Shotokan Black Ni-dan (2nd degree)

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Les started taking Adult fitness classes when his son and daughter enrolled in Superkids Karate in 2002.

Sensei Kenny Fung

Sensei Kenny Fung

Rank: Slocki-ryu Black and Shotokan Black

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Kenny started his martial arts journey with Superkids at the age of 7, even then his goal was to compete...

Sensei Patricia Dornford

Sensei Patricia Dornford

Rank: Slocki-ryu Black

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Patricia started karate with her son, Senpai and office manager Justin. She obtained her black belt...

Senpai Justin Dornford

Justin Dornford

Rank: Slocki-ryu Black

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Justin started at Superkids at age 8 and achieved his black belt at age 16. He then focused on his education and...

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