Superkids Karate History

The Superkids system of Karate was developed by Sensei Wally Slocki. It is a movement education designed to develop an understanding of how certain body actions or movements are performed and the results they can produce. The study is not confined to technique only. Students also develop a deepening understanding of the history and philosophy of the Martial Arts, both of which are inseparable components of this highly scientific and traditional art form.

The Slocki-Ryu System promotes purposeful physical education, where the individual learns about the human body and its ability or potential to perform physical actions, and positive social behavior because movement education requires a special quality of human interaction in order to achieve its goals. It fosters an appreciation for others and serves as a deterrent to involvement in those forms of activity which are detrimental to the individual and society. In short, the Slocki-Ryu Karate System exposes students (and the general public) to an Oriental tradition steeped in core values of self discipline, honesty and respect.

The monks of the Shaolin Temple developed physical routines around the final quarter of the sixth century. These movements were based on the actions of five animals: Dragon, Snake, Crane, Tiger and Leopard. While the motions were intended to assist in the process of meditation, they became useful tactics in defending themselves against the roaming bandits of their era. Around the twelfth century in Japan, Bushido or Code of Honor evolved at a time when it was necessary to inculcate in the Japanese military with a need to be committed to the causes of justice and fairness. By the early seventeenth century, the Okinawans developed a system of unarmed combat (karate) to defend themselves against Japanese invaders.

Over time, there has been an exchange and intermingling of ideas and approaches resulting in the development of different systems in the Martial Arts. In all cases, however, there is the element of tradition which solidifies the Martial Arts as one of the most remarkable human institutions ever created.

The Slocki-Ryu System is an extract from a synthesis of thought and action molded over time, a synthesis which promotes the development of mind, body and spirit. That development is emphasized in the ritual of kicking, punching and performing other specific movements that lead the practitioner to discover the potential within, so as to go beyond the limits of casual existence. Given the necessary support both in terms of human and physical resources, the Slocki-Ryu System will produce disciplined, self-confident and well motivated people.